Just a small thoughts of mine

Seeing a post telling story about one his BFF admitting that he’s gay..

That reminds me of myself, one of my best friend told me that he’s gay and I’m the first person to know.. My reaction back then was the same as the person telling the story, “So? What’s the problem? Either you’re gay or straight you’re still my best friend. Beside it’s your choice not anyone else.” and I still remember his reaction back then. He told me that’s he’s relieved because if I reacted differently it’ll end different now.

It doesn’t mean that I’m supported or not supported LGBT, it’s just that they are a human being and I just treated them as a human not an animal or lower than that.

Every human deserved to be treated human, unless your a serial killer or a psychopath then it’s a different story.

You don’t have to be a saint to help others and treated people differently, all you have to do is being human. Treat people like you wanna be treated.

If you can’t help financially, help them by hearing their troubles. Sometimes people just wanna share without being judged and told them what is right and what is wrong. It’s just that simple. But sometimes people itself made it difficult.

Like my best friend tattoo, and I love them very much, “Every Saint had a past and every sinner have a future.” Humans can change, even if they’re not, it’s their choice anyway.

I really want to tag my best friend here but I don’t think I’ll do that unless he asked me to.

Just remember these simple words, “Treat people like you wanna be treated. If they acted not like you wanted, forgive them. Maybe they have problems deeper than yours. Smile to every stranger, because maybe you’ll brighten up someone’s day after facing a lot of problems. Happiness is your own responsible, not others.”


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