Selamat subuh menuju pagi! Karena sekarang sudah nyaris jam 2 pagi. Waw sudah lama sekali saya tidak menyentuh blog ini.

How long has it been? A year or so?

A lot has happened.

And now, I proudly to tell you guys that my older sister is finally getting married!! Yeah!!!

After a long time struggling and annoyed her, finally she made a choice.

It wasn’t a big deal actually, if only she would’ve allowed me to get married first but she keep insisting that she should’ve married first. I’ve been struggling for 2 years now asking her, “when are you gonna get married?”

And finally, voila, she got engaged last month!!


So that’s why I’ve been busy preparing for her wedding.

It’s bed time for me now. I’ll catch up with you guys later.

See ya!!


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